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Deep Tech: INP Capital's Rising Star Samsara Eco Shines Brightly at Tech23

Samsara Eco's Remarkable Achievements Illuminate the Deep Tech Landscape

Recently, Samsara Eco, a Sydney-based biotech company backed by INP Capital, made a remarkable splash at Australia's premier deep tech event, Cicada x Tech23 2023. Focused on infinite waste recycling through plastic-consuming enzymes, Samsara Eco raised an impressive $54 million in a Series A funding round in November 2022. A testament to their groundbreaking work, Samsara Eco joined forces with lululemon to create the world's first infinitely recyclable textile.

Tech23 — A Hotbed of Deep Tech Advancements

Under the guidance of Cicada Innovations, Australia's longest-running deep tech conference, Tech23, once again brought together the brightest minds in the industry. Among the 130 applicants, 23 outstanding companies were carefully selected, all united in their dedication to addressing significant global challenges.

Cultivating Deep Thinking, Embracing the True Essence of Tech Innovation

As a venture capital firm specializing in investing in groundbreaking tech companies, INP Capital remains at the forefront of the evolving deep tech landscape. We take great pride in Samsara Eco's stellar achievements at Tech23 and eagerly anticipate their future advancements.


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