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Frontier of Technological Venture Investments: Highlights from INP Capital's Summer Portfolio

As summer comes to a close, it leaves behind a highly fulfilling and productive season. With the relentless advancement of technology and the ever-evolving market landscape, INP Capital reaffirms its steadfast commitment to close collaboration with the most promising enterprises. We are dedicated to assisting our portfolio companies in realizing their goals and fostering industry growth.

Samsara Eco Unveils World's First "Infinite Recycling" Facility

Australian environmental technology startup, Samsara Eco, has proudly inaugurated its inaugural Infinite Recycling facility in Australia. The primary objective of this cutting-edge laboratory is to pioneer enzymes capable of breaking down plastic waste, thereby preparing it for reutilization. Through a longstanding partnership with the Australian National University, Samsara Eco is poised to drive the commercialization of its existing enzyme libraries while fostering the development of novel enzymes aimed at addressing diverse types of plastics.

Scage Goes Public on NASDAQ via SPAC, Ascending to "Unicorn" Status

Scage International Limited, a recent entrant in the domain of energy-efficient commercial vehicles and zero-emission solutions, has formally announced a definitive business combination agreement with Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC), Finnovate Acquisition Corp. (Nasdaq: FNVT). This strategic maneuver heralds Scage's imminent public listing on NASDAQ via SPAC, with an estimated valuation of $1 billion, thereby attaining the coveted "Unicorn" status.

Genecis Founder Recognized by Forbes

Luna Yu, the CEO and visionary founder of Genecis, has recently been honored as one of Forbes' top 30 Under 30 in Toronto. This accolade not only recognizes Luna Yu's exceptional leadership but also underscores the remarkable achievements of the Genecis team in converting waste into value within the circular economy model.

Wholesale Investor Awarded the 2023 Consensus Group Innovation Award

Leading Australian fintech firm, Wholesale Investor, offering financing and venture capital solutions with an extensive ecosystem encompassing over 33,200 investors, fund managers, family businesses, private equity, venture capital firms, government agencies, and industry experts, has recently been bestowed with the 2023 Innovation Award by the Consensus Group. This honor serves as a testament to the company's global leadership within this domain.

SFA Therapeutics' Innovative Immunotherapy

SFA Therapeutics, a pioneering biotechnology firm harnessing state-of-the-art immunomodulatory technology platforms, has garnered promising results in recent Phase 1b clinical trials. Their groundbreaking drug, SFA-002, has exhibited multi-pathway activity in the trial, effectively reducing various pro-inflammatory cytokines associated with psoriasis and modulating autoimmunity. For investors, SFA Therapeutics represents a promising opportunity in a vast and burgeoning market.

In this dynamically shifting market environment, INP Capital will persistently focus on identifying and seizing potential investment opportunities. We acknowledge that collaborative efforts with partners, investors, and investment entities constitute the cornerstone of success. In the coming days, we will continue to share updates regarding market trends and project developments, further contributing to the narrative of innovation.


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