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INP Capital Becomes a Designated Organization for Canada’s Start-up Visa Program

As an investment firm with a global perspective, we're both honored and elated to announce a new milestone for INP Capital. We have successfully become a designated organization for Canada's Startup Visa Program (SUV) ( Holding steadfast to our investment philosophy of "investing in talents and technologies that will shape tomorrow", we're committed to supporting entrepreneurs around the world that showcase potential and innovation.

Forging New Opportunities: Integrating Global Collaboration

The Canadian Federal Startup Visa Program (SUV) acts as a gateway for global innovative entrepreneurs by offering them the opportunity to come build businesses in Canada that can compete on a global scale. As an important element of the Canadian immigration policy, the SUV help infuse the Canadian economy with technology, innovation and fresh talents, generating economic growth. However, making headway in this highly competitive sphere isn't straightforward. Entrepreneurs seeking entry to Canada need backing from a designated organization to ensure their business plan not only aligns with immigration requirements, but also possess the necessary ingredients to grow into successful businesses that can compete on world stage.

“Global perspective, Local Insights” has long been our strength as we embed our teams in the local innovation hubs and ecosystems across North America and Asia Pacific to discover, invest in, and grow with visionary founders who have potential to build “Unicorns”.

INP Capital's Vision for the Future

We look forward to utilizing our combined experience and resources to build Canadian enterprises that will flourish on the world stage. Together, let’s innovate!


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