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INP Capital Investment Update: Portfolio Companies Achieve Remarkable Milestones in Innovative Tech

Amidst the rapid evolution of technology, global industries are undergoing profound transformations. INP Capital, a prominent venture capital firm, places great emphasis on the market potential and technological innovation capabilities of its portfolio companies.

Outlined below are the recent noteworthy achievements of these portfolio companies, highlighting the critical role of tech innovation in driving growth and generating significant global impact.

GrubMarket Listed Among the Inaugural Y Combinator Top Companies

The list aims to recognize companies with the highest net income in 2022, encompassing both publicly-traded and private enterprises. Despite an unstable economic environment, GrubMarket's success once again underscores that, by selecting the right business model and strategic direction, startups can achieve rapid growth in diverse market conditions.

Naluri Recognized as a "Supervised Partner" by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia

This marks Naluri's deeper collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Health to drive the growth of the healthcare industry in Indonesia. Additionally, Naluri has been identified as one of the 50 health tech startups in the Ministry of Health's registered database, showcasing its strength and influence in the global health tech sector.

Cyclica Named One of the "Top Ontario Biotech Companies to Watch in 2023"

With AI and data-driven drug discovery technology at its core, Cyclica not only propels its drug discovery projects but also successfully develops two highly differentiated products, offering innovative solutions to the global pharmaceutical industry.


As a venture capital firm specializing in investing in innovative tech companies, INP Capital is thrilled by the remarkable progress achieved by portfolio companies such as GrubMarket, Naluri, and Cyclica. We firmly believe that technological innovation will spearhead future trends!

In the future, INP Capital will continue to share more investment updates, support global innovative enterprises in realizing their business value, and provide investors with more high-quality investment opportunities!


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