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INP Capital: Pioneering Cross-Sector Investments, Spearheading Innovation Across Diverse Domains

In an ever-evolving global market landscape, INP Capital, armed with its acute insights and profound comprehension of various industry trends, vigilantly tracks its portfolio companies to unveil their latent potential and value. Below, we present a recap of INP Capital's July investment activities, showcasing exceptional achievements spanning diverse sectors.

Fostering Collaborative Innovation: Grow Finance and Pismo Craft a New Path in the Credit Card Industry

This partnership not only addresses the burgeoning loan requirements of Australian SMEs but also underscores Grow Finance's knack for innovation and adeptness in solving challenges. As a key player in the SME lending domain, this strategic move by Grow Finance is set to further solidify its influence in the Australian financial market.

Strategic Health Initiative: Naluri Collaborates with Schneider to Foster Holistic Employee Well-being

In order to deliver personalized health management guidance to employees, Naluri's mental health coaches have established private consultation booths, providing confidential one-on-one counseling, delving into individual health concerns, and aiding in the establishment of health goals. This collaboration with Schneider Electric Malaysia underscores Naluri's continuous dedication to pioneering health solutions, marking a significant stride toward enhancing the quality of community life.

Trailblazing Manufacturing Innovation: Samsara Eco Attains New Heights of Success

Amid the global shift towards environmentally conscious manufacturing, Samsara Eco leads the charge in sustainable development, furnishing pioneering and efficient solutions for worldwide plastic waste management.

Emerging Media Star: Scage Automobile's Remarkable Innovations

Scage's groundbreaking plug-in hybrid electric heavy-duty truck (PHEV) in China sets a precedent in the EV industry, seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technology with eco-friendly commuting. Furthermore, the company has introduced advanced SOEC hydrogen production technology, promoting decentralized hydrogen production and establishing a comprehensive hydrogen energy logistics ecosystem. This initiative provides innovative solutions for new energy heavy-duty trucks and logistics transportation, solidifying its position as an emerging force in the field.

Leading Industry Innovation and Taking the Forefront

Throughout July, companies within INP Capital's portfolio showcased outstanding competitive prowess and innovative achievements within their respective sectors. We hold an optimistic outlook for their futures, firmly believing that their continued development and innovative breakthroughs will increasingly shape the forthcoming wave of technological revolution, making substantial contributions to the sustained prosperity and advancement of the global economy.


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