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INP Portfolio Company EULEE: Leading AI Innovation, Elevating the Metaverse

In today's fast-paced and interconnected global business ecosystem, as an investment institution, we diligently monitor the latest advancements and operations of our portfolio companies to deliver timely, insightful information and interpretations for our investors.

We take great pride in introducing EULEE, an INP Capital portfolio company, whose groundbreaking technological achievement is set to once again astound the world.

EULEE Makes Waves on the Global Stage

This momentous signing encompasses 32 exemplary projects spanning diverse industries, such as software, hardware, computational capabilities, big data, and big models, with a total investment of 28.8 billion yuan. The successful ceremony not only validates EULEE's business growth but also highly commends its trailblazing innovative capabilities.

EULEE's Metaverse Project: Unveiling New Frontiers in Business

Its product framework encompasses metaverse asset management, metaverse content editor, metaverse interactive terminal, and more. Moreover, the project boasts promising applications across a wide range of fields, including industrial metaverse, military metaverse, city metaverse, historical metaverse, travel metaverse, art metaverse, social metaverse, and e-commerce metaverse.

EULEE: A Key Player in Huangpu District's Digital Transformation

This technology enables the stereoscopic visualization of real-scene 3D data, presenting city architectural models of Huangpu District as immersive 3D holographic images. Remarkably, even with a data volume of up to 1TB, it loads instantly and runs smoothly, garnering high praise and recognition from on-site leaders and guests. EULEE's CEO, Zhang Xuebing, personally demonstrated their metaverse platform, "EULEE Cloud World," which flawlessly loads extensive 3D data on mobile phones, facilitating rapid browsing and seamless interactions even amidst numerous simultaneous users. This technology proves instrumental in supporting Huangpu District's digital transformation and the implementation of the Metaverse industry, poised to create substantial industrial value for enterprises.

INP Capital's Forward-Looking Vision

As a leading venture capital institution deeply devoted to the realm of artificial intelligence, INP Capital consistently keeps abreast of the latest industry trends, providing robust support for the development of our portfolio companies.

We take immense pride in EULEE's exceptional performance at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, a success that vividly underscores INP Capital's unique vision in investment selection and strategic planning! Going forward, we remain committed to sharing the latest developments from our diverse portfolio of companies, delivering accurate and in-depth industry analyses and insights for our valued investors and partners. Join us as we embark on an exciting journey of exploring the limitless possibilities within the field of artificial intelligence!


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