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lululemon Teams Up with INP Capital-Backed Company Samsara Eco to Launch World's First Enzymatically Recycled Polyester

Recently, Samsara Eco, an Australian enviro-tech company backed by INP Capital, teamed up with the renowned activewear brand lululemon to jointly develop and release the world's first clothing made from enzymatically-recycled polyester fiber. It's now available for purchase online in Australia, the United States, and Canada, marking a significant breakthrough in the fashion industry's move towards sustainability.

This limited-edition Packable Anorak jacket is made from a variety of materials, including mixed plastic waste, end-of-life products from lululemon clothing, and converted carbon emissions. Polyester fiber is one of the most widely used fibers globally, accounting for about 80% of the synthetic fiber market, with an annual production of over 63 million tons. It's lightweight, durable, versatile, and resistant to fading, wrinkles, and stains, making it a preferred material for clothing. However, the majority of discarded polyester products end up in landfills, incineration, or leak into the environment.


Samsara Eco's patent-pending recycling technology, EosEco™, combines biophysics, chemistry, biology, and algorithmic techniques, including artificial intelligence, to create enzymes that can digest plastic. These enzymes break down waste into raw materials, seamlessly integrating into existing manufacturing processes to produce new products, such as lululemon's Packable Anorak jacket.


Samsara Eco's recycling process can handle various mixed fibers and materials, including poly-cotton blends, nylon/spandex blends, carpet fibers, zippers, and airbags.


Paul Riley, CEO and founder of Samsara Eco, stated, "Addressing the plastic crisis is essential to addressing the climate crisis, and tackling the issue of fashion waste is crucial. Currently, over 90% of fashion waste ends up being burned or buried. Our latest collaboration with lululemon demonstrates the potential to give clothing infinite life and prevent textiles from ending up in landfills."


Sarah Cook, the company's Chief Commercial Officer, added, "Together with lululemon, we've broken the singular path of the plastic end-of-life cycle. Through products like the Packable Anorak jacket and Swiftly tops, we've shown that products made from enzyme-recycled nylon and polyester have the same performance and experience as those made from virgin fibers. Together, we're making a future possible where clothing production doesn't require virgin fibers."


Yogendra Dandapure, Vice President of Material Innovation at lululemon, emphasized the significance of this collaboration in advancing the recycling of textile waste. This innovative product represents a key milestone in textile-to-textile recycling and in the fashion industry's journey towards a sustainable circular ecosystem.


As a global investment firm that strive to discovers talents and technologies that could shape the future, INP Capital is confident and excited about Samsara Eco's growth direction. This collaboration marks the integration of innovative technology and sustainable development, showcasing our vision of promoting global environmental sustainability through technology innovation investment. Samsara Eco's enzyme-recycling technology not only helps address the plastic crisis but also brings new possibilities for circular reuse across multiple industries. We believe that by continuously supporting innovative, sustainable, and disruptive high-tech companies, we can collectively create a greener, more sustainable future.


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