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Pioneering Sustainability Solutions: INP Capital Drives Ecological Transition in Energy

Amidst the global shift towards climate mitigation, the new energy landscape is undergoing unprecedented expansion. With an increasing number of countries committing to carbon neutrality, a notable surge in diverse and sustainable energy innovations, spanning wind, solar, and nuclear avenues, is evident. In the midst of this transformative environment, the rise of the new energy automotive sector stands out prominently.

Strategic Energy Diversification at INP Capital

Adapting to evolving policy frameworks, revolutionary technological advancements, and discerning consumer preferences, INP Capital has boldly ventured into sectors such as electric mobility, hydrogen fuel propulsion, and other sustainable vehicular solutions. Recognized for its forward-looking approach, INP Capital has consistently maintained a leading position in the new energy sector, continuously aligning itself with industry disruptors.

Scage: Shaping the Future with Zero-Carbon, Intelligent Trucking Solutions

Established in 2019, Scage emerges as a pioneering enterprise dedicated to advancing R&D initiatives focused on zero-emission and intelligent driving technologies tailored for heavy-duty trucks. Comprising visionary founders from prominent new energy entities and accomplished international R&D experts, Scage has successfully introduced a diverse fleet of heavy-duty trucks. With a significant presence in logistics, mining, and port operations, as well as strong partnerships with industry leaders, Scage reaffirms its leadership role in the sustainable heavy trucking sphere.

DD YunTong: Forging the Confluence of Sustainable and Intelligent Mining Solutions

Founded in 2019, DD YunTong stands as a trailblazer in designing and producing sustainable and intelligent systems tailored for mining machinery. Bolstered by strategic partnerships with industrial giants in China, including Xugong Group, China Building Materials, Southern Cement, and China Huaneng, DD YunTong's offerings are redefining environmentally-conscious and optimized operations within the mining sector.

INP Capital's Australian Renewable Energy Investment Strategy: INP M88 Fund I

Australia is blessed with a wealth of essential metal resources, presenting ample opportunities to guide the investment focus of this fund. As the renewable energy sector continues its rapid expansion, the demand for these critical metals is anticipated to grow steadily. INP Capital's INP M88 Fund I stands not just as a testament to our investment acumen but also as a firm stride towards supporting global green and sustainable development objectives.

Insights & Forward-Looking Perspectives

The global rise of the sustainable energy sector is both evident and commendable. INP Capital, through its insightful investments in new energy ventures, recognizes the sector's profound potential and untapped market opportunities.

Equipped with a deep understanding of industry trajectories, regulatory incentives, and technological breakthroughs, INP Capital remains optimistic. Our forward-looking path involves unwavering advocacy and strategic capital infusion into the sustainable energy landscape, aligning with worldwide aspirations for ecological, carbon-conscious, and sustainable development.


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