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Samsara Eco receives $2.65 million grant from Australian Government

Australian Minister for Industry and Science Ed Husic has today announced $44 million in grants for Australian companies to support 19 collaborative research projects.

These grants have been made under Round 13 of the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P) program. Cooperative Research Centres Projects support companies working to commercialise cutting-edge ideas in collaboration with researchers and innovators.

INP Portfolio Company - Samsara Eco was awarded $2.65 million to equip its Commercial Innovation Hub. The Hub is where Samsara customises its #infinite recycling operations for unique plastics (be that a polyester T-shirt or PET bottle).

“I am pleased to announce support for 19 outstanding projects through the CRC-P initiative to assist them progress towards commercialisation,” Minister Husic said.

“Supporting industry, researchers and end-users to work together off the back of great Australian know-how is crucial to delivering real outcomes, creating well-paid, secure jobs and backing industries to support our economy.

“Since 1991, the CRC Program has committed $5.6 billion of grant funding to support the establishment of 236 CRCs and 208 of the shorter-term CRC Projects. On top of this, program partners are contributing another $16.9 billion of cash and in kind, which is a tremendous reflection on how much the program is valued.”


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