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The AC & INP Capital Cohost Global Gateway Investor Showcase

February 2, 2022: the Global Gateway Investor Showcase jointly organized by INP Capital and the Accelerator Centre, a well-known local accelerator in Waterloo, came to a successful conclusion. The pitch event showcased a total of seven early-stage technology startups in Ontario, covering the areas of Fintech, big data, hardware tech, cleantech and health care. This is the first innovation roadshow that INP has cohosted with a local accelerator in the Waterloo tech ecosystem since the onset of Covid-19. As the main collaborator of this event, INP will continue to follow up with promising startups, and partner with local accelerators, further deepening our engagement in the Waterloo tech innovation ecosystem and strive to capture and invest in evolutionary startups.

Waterloo is a hub of technology innovation in Canada. Innovation has been at the core of the city's culture since the very beginning. The likes of Bauer Hockey Skates, BlackBerry, IMAX, and so many more industry-disrupting ideas and successes all came from this region which has established its reputation as the place to build a startup. INP Capital established our satellite office in Waterloo back in 2017. After several years of cultivating connections within local industries and collaborating with ecosystem partners, we have successfully invested in excellent companies in the region such as ApplyBoard, which has later become one of the top unicorns in Canada.

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