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Breakfast with INP – Global Technology Insights and Opportunities in 2023

On Friday March 3rd, 2023, INP Capital hosted an engaging event in Vancouver - “Breakfast with INP”.

As the global economic landscape continues to evolve in the post-pandemic era, investors and entrepreneurs are actively seeking the next generation of "unicorn" startups. With an aim to identify advanced productive forces and capitalize on emerging opportunities, INP Capital planned a series of "INP Breakfast" events to bring together visionary and ambitious investors and entrepreneurs to share resources and insights.

Against a backdrop of bright sunshine, prestigious guests arrived at the picturesque Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club. During “meet and greet”, attendees exchanged ideas and investment insights with each other. A rare opportunity since the pandemic era, this gathering was cherished by all in attendance. The atmosphere was friendly, enthusiastic, and harmonious, creating a warm and welcoming environment throughout the breakfast event.

After the sumptuous breakfast, the meeting officially kicked off with recorded greetings from two INP Capital partners, CEO Steven Xu and CIO Jackie Chen, who were located in two other different countries (Australia and China, respectively). This unique setting highlighted the global nature of the INP team. Shortly after, Jessica Wang, INP Capital partners, CMO and CCO, took center stage to deliver an enthusiastic introduction to the company's mission, goals, advantages, and future prospects.

INP Capital is a dedicated investment firm with a global reach, committed to investing into talents and technologies that shape tomorrow. The company's strategy focuses on identifying technology startups with “unicorn potential”, investing at the optimal point in their growth cycle, and working with founders and entrepreneurs to create great value.

With aspirations to become the "Berkshire Hathaway" of VCs, INP Capital has several strengths including its global perspective and reach, localized team, deep experience in focused industries, and collaboration with top professionals and talent. The company will concentrate on key innovation sectors as they boast high annual growth rates with their total market value expected to surpass that of existing traditional industries, reaching $200 trillion by 2030.(SourceARK Investment Management LLC, Big Ideas 2023)

Many of the guests present were VIP investors with INP Capital and the ideas resonated very well with them.

John McDonald: Invest in Alberta

The crowd erupted in enthusiastic applause as Jessica welcomed John McDonald, the Managing Director of InvestAlberta, to the stage. John's Chinese greeting surprised and delighted the guests, instantly injecting energy into the atmosphere.

John swiftly delved into the main topic, presenting the advantages of investing in Alberta to the audience. He elaborated on InvestAlberta, a Crown corporation that provides customized support for investors and new projects in Alberta. John also highlighted Alberta's position as a leading investment destination for businesses, citing some of the major benefits:

  1. An optimized business process and highly educated, highly productive workforce.

  2. The Alberta government's efforts to streamline processes which further enhances the province's global business appeal.

  3. An exceptional investment environment in innovation, particularly in health technology, clean technology, agriculture technology, fintech, and robotics. John emphasized the strength of Alberta's universities and startup communities, which provide a robust ecosystem, attracting investments and partnerships from higher education institutions and startup communities.

In conclusion, John emphasized that Alberta offers a plethora of business opportunities and a robust ecosystem, making it an ideal choice for investors and startup companies. As an optimized business jurisdiction, Alberta continues to attract investments from around the globe.

Jessica Wang: Innovation Trends and Opportunities in 2023

After John’s speech, Jessica returned to the stage to interpret INP Capital's vision for the technology industry trends and opportunities in 2023. She stressed that the convergence of cutting-edge technology will be the trend and INP’s focus will be on finding the next technology unicorn in areas such as Energy Transition, ESG, metaverse/Web3.0, and intelligent digital 2B platforms.

Furthermore, INP Capital shared some of its past and future projects. Previous successes included ApplyBoard, Canada's edtech unicorn, and GrubMarket, the US food e-commerce platform. Future projects will include Covu, an AI platform aimed at disrupting the insurance industry, and DD Robotic, a company specialized in producing electric driverless mining trucks.

To invest in potential projects and capture the next “unicorn”, the INP Group has several different mandates globally, including the INP Ingenuity Unicorn Fund (Canada), INP Ingenuity Growth Fund (Australia), AFV SPV (Singapore) and INP M88 Fund (Australia). INP Ingenuity Unicorn Fund mainly invests in seed and Series A rounds, with high potential but also high risk; the INP Ingenuity Growth Fund focuses on later stage to pre-IPO projects; while the AFV SPV and INP M88 Fund specialize in industry-specific investments. All together total raise is aimed to reach $100 million in 2023.

The event ended at noon, but guests were still exchanging insights and thoughts on the technology industry.

The inaugural “Breakfast with INP” was a great success. Many guests expressed their appreciation for the valuable insights shared by the speakers. In the future, INP Capital will continue to host similar events and collaborate with like-minded investors and entrepreneurs to invest in evolution, and emerge with greatness.


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