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Pioneering the Future: INP Capital's Insights on Unicorn Enterprises

In a market filled with challenges and opportunities, unicorn enterprises are not just navigating, but also driving industry innovation and reshaping the future landscape of their sectors. ApplyBoard, GrubMarket, and Xpansiv have each made significant strides in education, food supply chain, and environmental digital commodity trading, showcasing immense potential for innovation and growth.


ApplyBoard - Leading the Way in Education


Established just six years ago, ApplyBoard has swiftly emerged as a leader in the global study abroad industry. Its comprehensive application platform features over 1,500 educational institutions from Canada, the UK, the USA, and Australia, offering more than 100,000 programs. To date, ApplyBoard has facilitated study abroad applications for over 200,000 students from 125 countries and regions, with a goal to assist millions more in the coming years. In 2020, it earned prestigious recognition as the fastest-growing technology company in Canada and North America in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and Technology Fast 500 awards, respectively.

GrubMarket - Revolutionizing Food Supply Chain E-commerce


Established in 2014 and headquartered in San Francisco, GrubMarket stands as a leading fresh produce B2B e-commerce platform in the USA, operating across all 50 states and expanding into Canada, South America, Africa, and Asia. GrubMarket's offerings extend beyond business clients and consumers, encompassing associated SaaS solutions as well.

Xpansiv - Paving the Way in Environmental Digital Commodity Trading


Xpansiv is a global frontrunner in environmental digital commodity trading, providing critical market infrastructure to facilitate the energy transition. Its primary operations include CBL (the largest environmental commodity exchange globally), SRECTrade (a leading solar market trading firm), APX (a provider of registration services for energy and environmental markets), and H2OX (an Australian water resource exchange). The company also offers market data services and environmental commodity asset management.

These three unicorn enterprises, excelling in education, food supply chain e-commerce, and environmental digital commodity trading, have demonstrated outstanding innovation and market potential. Their successes not only mirror the developmental trends within their respective fields but also present new vistas and prospects for venture capital investment. For INP Capital, paying attention to unicorn companies is undoubtedly a crucial step in charting the course for future investment directions!

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