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September Investment Highlights: Remarkable Collaborations and Innovations by Portfolio Companies

As we bid farewell to September, portfolio companies backed by INP Capital have secured a series of remarkable achievements in the fields of sustainability, space technology, financial services, and startup culture. Here's the latest update from these enterprises in September, highlighting their exceptional performances across various sectors.

GrubMarket Inc. Awarded the 2023 Sustainability Accolade

GrubMarket Inc. has been honored with the 2023 Sustainability Award, recognizing exceptional organizations and teams that prioritize sustainability in their business practices. Amidst fierce competition from both for-profit and non-profit participants, GrubMarket distinguished itself through its outstanding contributions to sustainability, earning widespread recognition and praise from the industry and society at large.

Wyvern and Loft Orbital: A New Era of Space Technology Collaboration

The formidable partnership between Loft Orbital and Wyvern heralds an unprecedented collaboration in the field of space technology. This alliance combines hyperspectral technology with robust space infrastructure to unlock the potential of space data, advancing our understanding of satellite infrastructure development, maintenance, launch, and operations

Grow Finance and Mastercard: Forging a Greener Future Together

The collaboration between Grow Finance and Mastercard signifies a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation in the financial services sector. Their joint endeavor, the "Priceless Planet Coalition Program," commits to planting two trees for every new loan issued, aiming to counteract the adverse effects of climate change. This eco-friendly initiative is set to make a profound impact across the entire financial services industry.

Samsara Eco: Setting the Standard for Startup Culture

Samsara Eco is proud to be shortlisted for My Startup Gig's Best Startup Employers 2023, an award that celebrates outstanding enterprises dedicated to creating excellent work environments and continually raising industry standards, as evidenced by an in-depth survey of startup employees across Australia.

These accomplishments not only underscore the sense of responsibility and visionary approach of portfolio companies but also foreshadow more breakthroughs and innovations to come. INP Capital will continue to provide you with the latest investment insights, so stay tuned!


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